Crabbing & Shrimping

Summertime in Skagit County means outdoor activities that take advantage of the fresh seafood available in our waters. You can see a list of open areas for crabbing and shrimping at Whether you are a first-timer wanting to have some family fun or a serious fisherman, Holiday Sports has all of the supplies and know-how to get you hooked – line and sinker!

For New Enthusiasts

Your basic supply list will include: a crabbing pot or ring; bait and container; a harness, a rope and a float. It’s also a good idea to have a measuring tool. Certain areas have rules on the minimum size of crabs that can be taken out of the water. Check out our high-pressure cookers that boil water quickly so you can have a crab feast on the spot.

Did you know shrimp like cat food? We sell a sought-after, special Friskies cat food blend for bait!

Crab Pots

We carry quality weighted and unweighted crab pots and crab rings that range from entry level to commercial-style - two-and-four-door stainless or rubber-wrapped round pots. We sell SMI brand pots in a variety of sizes and designs like collapsible and folding. Lucky for us, crabs are not picky eaters and we have just the bait to lure them in. 

Pot Pullers

For both crabbing and shrimping, Holiday Sports has pot pullers by Discovery Bay Marine Gear, Ace Line Hauler, Safe-T Puller, Safe-T Hauler and My-T-Hauler, and weighted stackable pots by Kufa and SMI. A float kit has several necessary items like a polyform buoy, rope, line weight and more in a convenient mesh bag.

Holiday Sports has everything you need to ensure a good catch and a great time out on the water.

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